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Viewing Control Blocks

Query provides access to control blocks in both Formatted and Dump (hexadecimal) mode displays. Users can select from various fields within the panels to view supplemental information like flag bytes, time stamps, and RU sizes. Toggling between these views only requires the simple push of a button.

Formatted Displays

Panels in FORMAT mode contain several special fields along with standard field prompts and values. The following figure shows a Session Information Block (SIB) in Format mode:

External Information Display

Control block lengths and identifiable "counter" fields are shown as decimal values, while other numeric fields are displayed in hexadecimal format. Alphanumeric fields are translated to EBCDIC.

Dump Displays

Panels in DUMP mode display a control block or related information in hexadecimal and consist of fields and addresses that can be restarted at a different location using the cursor or command actions. The following figure shows a Session Information Block (SIB) in Dump mode:

Query Hexadecimal Display

External Information

Selection fields provide access to control blocks and information that is external to the control block or information that you are currently viewing. Select fields include Navigation (White) and Supplemental (Yellow) fields, as shown in the following figure:

Query Formatted Display

Selecting a supplemental field produces a pop up window that provides additional information, like the interpretation of the bit meanings with a flag byte, time stamps, or RU sizes:

Supplemental Field Display

Real-life Examples!

The best way to experience all of Query's expansive VTAM diagnostic features is by actually using it, which is why we offer a free 30-day Trial. You can use your trial software on your production system or create a test environment using Query's testing facilities. And it's hassle free: If Query isn't right for your installation, there are no further obligations or sales contacts.

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