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Criteria is now using saved Site values

You can review the characteristics associated with any APAR and/or PTF that applies to a NRS product by specifying the desired criteria below and clicking "Show". The "Apar/Ptf" and "Title" fields accept any fragment of the APAR and/or PTF name.

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TND42354 TND423 Closed Level2 Activate &TICKET for PassTicke...
NRS6320 TND423 Closed Level1 Using &TICKET for RACF PassTic... TND42354
TND42353 TND423 Closed Level2 Correctly adjust for lost seco...
NRS6319 TND423 Closed Level2 Director's Time of Day seems o... TND42353
NRS6318 TND423 Closed Level1 Can Network Director do PKI wi...
NRS6317 TND423 Closed Level1 Can Director support 12 charac...
NRS6316 TND423 Closed Level2 Mixed case difficulties after ... 4.2.4
NRS6315 TND423 Closed Level1 Using GROUPS operand produces ...
TND42352 TND423 Closed Level2 Mark storage based HIX and HDE... 4.2.4
NRS6314 TND423 Closed Level2 Does the Director retain INFO ... TND42352
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